Would you like to set up your own virtual office in the Netherlands?

Over the years, more and more entrepreneurs wonder whether the traditional offices still suffice in our current society. Is it not time to do it differently? Is there a way to set up a virtual office in the Netherlands? The answer is yes. Imagining a new way to base a company comes from the fact that physical offices require a lot of capital. And if you think about it, most offices are only occupied for about one third of the day – during “office hours” – and 5 days a week. This article describes the concept of a virtual office in the Netherlands and might leave you with the thought of setting one up yourself!

What exactly does it mean to set up a virtual office in the Netherlands?

Technological advances enhance the life of humans all around the world. Thereby, they enhance corporate life as well. Entrepreneurs and market leaders are turning to the digital world to increase their profits and run businesses. With that, they turn to the opportunity to set up a virtual office in the Netherlands. When you rent an address for a virtual office in the Netherlands, you basically rent a PO box. Customers and suppliers can then send all their mail to this postal address. This mailbox is managed by the company you pay rent to. How you can view and receive your mail differs per company (e.g. by email as a PDF or directly send it through). Privacy-wise, you are better off with the latter option. In a number of cases, you also have the option to rent an office space / meeting room for certain days in addition to the business postal address. For example, you can convert a virtual office address into a virtual office in the Netherlands.

What are the advantages of setting up a virtual office in the Netherlands?

Doing business in the Netherlands is always a good idea. This little country has a very entrepreneurial spirit and new companies are founded and developed every single minute of the day, all days a week. Thereby, it comes to no surprise that the Netherlands is a great country to set up your virtual office. Here are some reasons why this can be an advantageous move:

  • A PO box address is more professional than a home address. Nowadays, more and more people first search the internet before they decide to do business with a company
  • It prevents a large mail stack. Especially if you expect a lot of mail, it is not very useful if you have a small letterbox at home.
  • The mail is sorted by someone else; that saves time.
  • Are you often abroad? Then you can choose to receive the mail by PDF. This way you can read your physical mail on your laptop or smartphone.
  • In addition to a virtual office address, you can often get all kinds of other services, such as a reception, an office space or a meeting room.

The next article will elaborate on the potential disadvantages of setting up a virtual office in the Netherlands!

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