Why exactly starting Netherlands business?

Starting up a business in a foreign country is a big step, and also something to think through very carefully. Once it has been decided to go through with the plan however, it is important to take some things into consideration. For example, every country has different tax rates and it is also important to think about growth opportunities. Starting Netherlands business will offer you many advantages and will benefit your company and you. Going through the process of starting up a company in The Netherlands is not an easy job to do all on your own. You need to get a lot of information and make sure everything is worked out. That’s why it can be very good to have someone aid you in this process. A company who does this is Intercompany Solutions. With them, starting Netherlands business will be done with much more ease!

Why starting Netherlands business?

As mentioned before, starting Netherlands business could offer benefits that other countries may not be able to offer your company and yourself. To save you some research time, here is a list of benefits there are when setting up a company in the small country that is The Netherlands.

  • The Netherlands is leading in different industries such as agriculture, IT and the Energy industry. It is an innovative country as well and there have been many efficient solutions made up in The Netherlands.
  • Starting Netherlands business means you also have to pay the taxes of that country. The Netherlands has one of the lowest tax rates in Europe, with 16,5%.
  • There is no VAT for any transactions between countries that are a member of the European Union, of which The Netherlands is also a member.
  • The population of The Netherlands are highly educated and will, therefore, help to get the most out of your company.
  • Starting Netherlands business will also be ideal for foreign entrepreneurs as most Dutch people are able to speak more than one language. Most Dutch are fluent in English and can speak German or French as well.

Choosing a business structure for starting Netherlands business

When having decided on starting Netherlands business, it is very important to decide on which company type your company will take on. One of the most popular company structures in The Netherlands for both foreigner and natives is the private limited company structure. Taking on this company structure means that you will be entitled corporate shareholders as well as a board of directors. Another company structure for starting Netherlands business is the public liability company structure. In this structure, minimum share capital or 45,000 euros is necessary in order to be able to start your business. In this structure, there is a board of directors as well as shareholders. In a general partnership, there are two or more partners. In this case, all partners will have a full private liability of all the company’s debts. Likewise, there are even more company structures to take on.

It is thus not as easy to start up a Dutch company. Therefore, help from a company as Intercompany Solutions will take away much stress and unnecessary extra work. It is thus certainly worth it to take this into consideration when starting Netherlands business!