Buy a ptfe conveyor belt

Would you like to buy a ptfe conveyor belt of which you are assured of good quality? Then Hardick’s conveyor belts are a good choice for you! Hardick is the market leader in conveyor belts and Hardick’s products are purchased throughout Europe. Hardick’s products are exceptional due to their excellent non-stick properties. Your products will not stick to the belt with Hardick’s conveyor belts up to 260 degrees. This prevents unnecessary hassle! These excellent results are the result of years of knowledge and experience in Hardick’s company. Read on and find out what advantages a ptfe conveyor belt can offer you!

What are the advantages of a ptfe conveyor belt?

These conveyor belts are specially made to withstand exceptional tempratures. These belts are heat resistant up to a temperature of 260 degrees Celsius! In addition, a ptfe conveyor belt has a very long friction only 0.05. With these conveyor belts you do not suffer from mold or bacteria growth. Because of this you are assured of a conveyor belt that can guarantee the quality of your products. This is just a small enumeration of the many advantages these conveyors offer. Because of this it is possible to use a ptfe conveyor belt wide! A few examples of applications of these conveyors:

  • UV and infrared dryers
  • Cooling tunnels
  • Glue processes and drying ovens
  • In the food industry

In short, a ptfe conveyor belt is incredibly versatile! These belts can be used for almost any kind of use. These conveyors are already used in the production of insulation and screen printing materials. Moreover, a ptfe conveyor belt can also be used in the automotive industry. Read on to find out more about the best supplier of these conveyor belts!

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If you are looking for the best conveyor belt supplier you will automatically end up at Hardick! With a wide range of products you are assured of finding a suitable product. Hardick has over 100 years of experience in the production of the ptfe conveyor belt and is therefore able to guide you in the choice of your product. Hardick’s products are used in many places, such as the packaging industry. The Hardick products are characterized by the durable ptfe that is used for all products. This makes Hardick the best and most durable ptfe conveyor belts on the market! Moreover, Hardick can also help you with customization, because with Hardick it is possible to make conveyor belts in almost any width. Because of this Hardick can best help you optimize the different production processes in your company! Would you like to know more about Hardick’s products? Go to and take a look at the wide range of Hardick’s products! Hardick’s belts distinguish themselves from other conveyor belts. They are not only heat resistant up to 260C. They can also withstand chemicals and are resistant to fungal and bacterial growth. So do you want good quality ptfe conveyor belts for your company? Then Hardick’s products are an excellent choice! Take a quick look at Hardick’s offer and find the conveyor belt for your company today!