The kevlar conveyor belt, especially for you

The kevlar conveyor belt is the belt for you. In this blog, we want to tell you everything about different machines. A kevlar conveyor belt is the heart of your operations. It is the key to profitability, that is why you need to know more about the kevlar conveyor belt, as soon as possible. You don’t want to miss out, do you? Time to read more about the belt, to get to the heart of your operations and reach the key of profitability. First of all we will give an answer to several questions. The first one is:  how many types of conveyor belts are there? More than one, more than two! There are even eight basic types of conveyor belts, amongst others the following (we will explain after this enumeration what the types exactly do):

  • Curved belt conveyors
  • Roller bed conveyor belts
  • Sanitary and wash down conveyors
  • Specialty conveyor belts
  • Incline/decline belt conveyors
The kevlar conveyor belt can be found on It is a one of the brands.  Allright, let’s begin with the curved belt conveyors. What are they often used for? The curved belt conveyors are often used for bag handling systems, to change items‘ conveying direction. Incline/decline are handy to carry products up and also down. And the sanitary and wash down conveyors can carry objects with extreme temperatures that come straight out of furnaces or freezers. They can surely handle both wet and greasy items. For example, donuts are manufactured in shops with this conveyor belt.

Why choose for the kevlar conveyor belt from Hardick? 

Of course there is a reason, why you should choose for the kevlar conveyor belt that Hardick offers. The PFTE coated kevlar conveyor belt is one of the great products they have in the product range. This belt distinguishes itself with a number of unique material qualities. They make it an essential in many production processes. It is used in the production of food and also for insulation products. Hardick has years of experience if it is about the conveyor belts, we will clarify this in the last part, which you can read here below. What are the advantages and what can we tell more about Hardick and the kevlar conveyor belt? 

What are the advantages? 

Using a non-stick transport band does mean that you can benefit from numerous advantages. The band is very strong, so it does not break. Besides, it is heat resistant and you can use the belt to move products that are up to 200 degrees. Even then, you don’t have to fear that the product will break. One of the major advantages of the fact that you will work with Hardick is the following. They are able to make sure that you will get the right conveyor band, That it will meet your standards. They have over 100 year of experience, which is indeed a lot. If you want to know more or if you want do order the kevlar conveyor belt, you can go visit their website and call them or ask your question by filling the form. 

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