My first steps into the world of sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion is quickly becoming the most important change that those of us who want to look after our home planet can make. I have been a flexitarian for more than a year now and I have always been extra careful to make sure that I separate my paper, plastic and cans from my normal rubbish. When I discovered the cause known as sustainable fashion, though, I realised that I could be doing so much more. There are several different ways to get involved in sustainable fashion. While browsing my Instagram account I discovered a brand called Ishie Studios who I believe do sustainable fashion in the most stylish and trendy way out there. They produce their own clothing ranges on a small scale in the Czech Republic and all of their items look amazing on my photos online. I get so many likes, particularly when I use the sustainable fashion hashtag. It is just so popular. I try to buy something on every week, and I get to feel good about it because it is not damaging the environment. They ship all of my sustainable fashion items really quickly, and if something does not fit properly or does not look as great on me as I hoped I can always return it without any problems.

My favourite sustainable fashion items so far

There are more and more places to buy sustainable fashion items, but all of my favourites have come from Ishie Studios. I have a perfect brown blazer made entirely from wool, and because I bought it from Ishie I know that only 10 of them exist in the whole world. It is really high quality and just looks incredible on me with the right filters. Other sustainable fashion items that I have absolutely loved from Ishie Studios have included a:

  • Pleated skirt;
  • Short sleeved top;
  • Unique wool trousers;
  • White cotton trousers.

I do not think any of them are still available to buy as Ishie does such limited editions to make sure that it remains truly sustainable as well as always new and trendy, but they always have something else awesome available on their online store.

How to keep your wardrobe environmentally friendly

Fashion has always been difficult if you want to help protect our amazing environment and the only planet that we have. Fortunately more sustainable fashion possibilities are appearing all the time. The hardest part can be to stay away from the super cheap little extras, like that pair of tights that would be simply perfect for New Year’s Eve, or a cheap, colourful t-shirt to compliment your new trousers. The good news is that several high-street stores are starting to provide more sustainable options so that the accessories and little extras that every outfit needs are readily available to you. It is more difficult to find the top quality items, though, the ones that will really make you stand out from the crowd and that will grow your Instagram following. I say you do not need to look any further than Ishie Studios’ beautifully crafted pieces, all delivered to your door and each one guaranteed to get the reaction your looking for. When combined into a complete outfit, you can be sure that your friends, family and followers will be shocked and amazed, particularly when they find out that it is all as environmentally friendly as a quinoa salad, a tofu burger or separating out your recycling every day of the week. Give it a try.