How to start a Dutch business?

If you are looking to start a company, why not start a Dutch business? The Netherlands is a country which has many benefits for businesses and Intercompany Solutions can help you!

When you want to start a Dutch business, you may not know where to start or if it’s worth the trouble. In this article I will tell you all about the advantages that The Netherlands provides and how Intercompany Solutions works with you to start your business in The Netherlands. 

Why start a Dutch business?

The first thing you may wonder about is why start a Dutch business? Why The Netherlands above other countries? Because it would be a smart decision to start your company in The Netherlands! And this is why: 

  • The Netherlands has one of the lowest tax rates in Europe. The corporate income tax rates in The Netherlands are 20-25%, whilst in other countries in the European Union this is at least 29% or higher. 
  • The Netherlands has a very stable legal and political climate as well as great international relations. The country offers the largest number of treaties for double tax avoidance. 
  • The Netherlands is very internationally orientated and therefore almost 90% of the Dutch speak English as well as a second foreign language, like Spanish, German or French. 
  • The Netherlands is strong in many different sectors, such as Information & Technology, Logistics, the Health sector, High-Tech Systems & Innovations, the Pharmaceutical and Chemical sector and many more!
  • The Netherlands also offers many financial and economic opportunities, because when you choose to start a Dutch business, you are basically choosing the whole European Union for The Netherlands is a stable core member. 

These are just a few reasons for why you should definitely consider The Netherlands to start your business. Above this, in The Netherlands you can also find Schiphol and Rotterdam port. These are two logistical powerhouses that will get your business connected to the whole world in no time! 

The Netherlands may be one of the smalles countries existing, but that doesn’t obstruct it to be a country holding one of the largest economies in the world. So, why not start a Dutch business?

How to start?

Now that you are planning to start a Dutch business, the next question that comes up is: how do you do this? This is the part where Intercompany Solutions steps in to help you. On their website you can find a guide which tells you exactly what you need to know. 

Intercompany Solutions helps you with things such as the procedures to follow to gain Dutch citizenship, which visa-permit you need to live in The Netherlands, which legal entities you can choose for when you start a Dutch company, which legal requirements are prescribed for every entity and it walks you through the procedure of company formation in The Netherlands. 

When you want to start a Dutch business Intercompany Solutions is your business partner. With its great deal of experience in helping hundreds of clients from over thirty countries, Intercompany Solutions is able to adjust their processes in order to successfully establish your company in The Netherlands!