How I ended up living in a Benahavis property

My wife and I are both English, born and bred. Up until our retirement we had never considered leaving the British Isles or our Liverpool home. Yet somehow we ended up living in a Benahavis property, a place we had not even heard of until a few weeks before we moved. So how did we end up spending 8 months of each year in a beautiful, mountain-side Benahavis property? A lot more easily than you might imagine.

Our Costa del Sol and Benahavis property search

As I said, my wife and I were more than settled in Liverpool. I grew up in the city, and she had moved there while she was still young. Our kids grew up in Liverpool and we have always had plenty of friends in the area, and still do. It was never in our heads to move abroad in our retirement. But when the time came to retire, our plans changed quickly. It started with having more time and freedom to travel. As well as retiring, our kids had found jobs and moved to other parts of England. We visited a few different places on cheap flights, really just intending to explore a little. At the end of the second year of our retirement, we rented a small Benahavis property for a weekend of reading and relaxing. We had been to the Costa del Sol with the kids of holiday and just a few months before we had taken a beach holiday in Benidorm, but in Benahavis property in Spain suddenly became a dream for us both. Neither of us have ever been big beach lovers. We can enjoy reading a book and drinking a cocktail on a sunbed as much as the next person, but I didn’t feel the need to live by the sea. Benahavis was different, however. There is plenty of Benahavis property with:

  • An incredible mountain view;
  • Loads of outdoor space;
  • All amenities nearby;
  • Exceptionally quiet surroundings.

This was something we had never really experienced in other places we had visited. A large proportion of the owners of Benahavis property seemed to be from the UK like us, or from Holland or Germany, but almost no one was a tourist. People were friendly and relaxed. When we wanted to visit the beach it was just a short drive to some quiet bays in the south. We realised quickly that this could really be a place to enjoy our retirement.

Making the purchase

Even once we’d realised that we were interested in buying a Benahavis property, we had no idea how quickly it would all be arranged. My wife and I spoke almost no Spanish and knew nothing at all about Spanish property laws. Fortunately, a quick internet search helped us to find people who did. We came across, a Costa del Sol based estate agent. We called them and they helped us to find a Benahavis property to suit our budget and our wishes. They had more options than I would ever have expected, and they also suggested a few other places to look at in the surrounding area. Once we had found what we were looking for, Realista were able to help us with the technicalities of making the purchase, like getting the licences we needed. I doubt we would have been able to arrange it all without their help. So now we escape the cold winter months in England and relax in our quite, warm, Spanish home without a care in the world. Read more…